A distance realtionship

2013-09-01 @ 21:42:51
Okay, so i decided to write in english from now on. I was sitting here, in my room, writing an essay for my english class and i realized how much of my english i lost already. It is extremely sad... But I am going to do something about it by writing on this blog in english.
Life is going so fast. I feel like it was yesterday i got back to sweden, like it definitely wasnt more than two months since i saw my american friends for the last time. I honestly cant understand how its all over. It doesnt make sense in my brain. But neither does it make sense that i was actually there. It was just a dream, and boom. its gone. it left me, without anyone. And the worst part is that im forgetting about it. i cant help it. the memories are hidden somewhere deep down in my brain. and i cant find them anymore. im looking and looking to remember and relive those memories, but i cant find them. I dont understand why. Its like this whole year, with all its experiences and memories, is just slipping away through my fingers. time after time, i try to grab it, but i cant. it hurts. i want to chase it, run after it and never stop until i catch it. but its pointless. it will never come back to me. from now on, it will only be more and more distanced to me. 

Jag måste bara säga, att om du ska kommentera anonymt, eller något i stil med "Jag bryr mig inte" så behöver du inte kommentera alls. Men andra kommentarer älskas. :) Puss!

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